1. Bookings
All bookings to be made in writing to Mr. Peter Evans, Clerk to Henlow Parish Council, 44 Alexander Road, Stotfold, Hitchin, Herts. SG5 4NA. Telephone: 01462 735041. Email
: [email protected]. A statement of parents/guardians support must accompany bookings from people under 18 years of age.

2. Confirmation of bookings
These will be issued by the Clerk to the Parish Council with an invoice for payment.

3. Payment
To be paid before the date of the hiring, or, in the case of a fund-raising event, not later than a fortnight afterwards. A £100 deposit (returnable) will also be required for all private functions to cover any costs arising from unsatisfactory condition or damage (see also condition 20).

4. Opening times
The Hall will be opened and closed by the Caretaker at the times requested when booking.

5. Preparation time
Entry to the Hall will not normally be allowed before 10.00am on the date of the hiring (to allow for cleaning). If earlier access is required, this must be arranged with the Caretaker and the Parish Clerk.

6. Sundays/after midnight
The Hall is not available for hire on Sundays or after midnight unless application is made in writing to the Parish Clerk and the permission given.

7. After hiring
The hirer must ensure that the Hall, toilets, cloakrooms, kitchen and all areas of the Hall and its surroundings shall be left in a tidy and fit condition, with spillages wiped up and the floor swept. Tables and chairs shall be stored as found unless otherwise directed by the Caretaker.
The hirer shall ensure that any caterers, entertainers, licensees or other such persons employed by them in connection with the hiring shall leave the premises in a clean and fit condition, and the premises shall be vacated by the time arranged when booking.

8. Refuse bags
Only the one refuse bag provided shall be left at the Hall. All other refuse is to be taken away.

9. Hall capacity and seating
The maximum permitted seating capacity for dining is 100 persons, with a maximum of 72 for dining and dancing. The maximum number of persons for a close-seated audience shall not exceed 135.
When seats are used for concerts, lectures, meetings and entertainment, gangways and passages, not less than 4 feet in width, must be kept free from any obstructions.

10. Tickets for Discos
No tickets to be sold on the door for discos, as these are booked for private parties only.

11. Fire
The hirers shall acquaint them selves with the location of the fire extinguishers, and action in case of fire. The hirer shall take due precautions to prevent fire due to naked lights.
All doors and fire exit doors must be kept clear of any obstructions.

12. Electrical fittings
No electrical fittings shall be removed or changed in any way. If the hirer wishes to install any additional electrical equipment, the Parish Council must approve these, prior to hiring.

13. Liquor Licence
The Hall is not licensed for the consumption of intoxicating liquors. Any hirer must make appropriate arrangements to obtain an Occasional Licence.

14. Doors
No entrance or exit doors shall be fastened up or taken off, and illuminated EXIT signs must not be obscured.

15. Walls and ceilings
Nothing shall be hung on, nailed on, or suspended against the walls or ceilings without the permission of the Council.

16. Cloakrooms
The Council does not accept responsibility for articles deposited in the cloakrooms.

17. Animals
No cats, dogs, or other animals may be brought into the building without the Council's permission, except for guide dogs.

18. Sub letting
The Hall may only be used for the purpose for which it is let to the hirer, and the hirer shall not sub-let the Hall, or any part of it, to any other persons.

19. Orderly conduct
The hirer must take all necessary steps to prevent disorderly conduct. Members and Staff of the Council and Police Officers shall have the right of access to the Hall.

20. Unsatisfactory condition or damage
If the Hall is left in an unsatisfactory condition, the kitchen dirty, the toilets soiled, or if there is any damage, the hirer shall be held responsible and will be charged an amount in payment for extra cleaning or repairs required (see also condition 3 regarding the £100 returnable deposit).

21. Cancellation
Cancellations must be made in writing at least a week prior to the hiring, otherwise the applicant will be responsible for the hiring charges.

22. Reduced charges
The Council may consider applications for reduced charges provided that the hiring shall be of an educational or cultural nature and not for financial gain.

23. Use of the Hall as a Polling Station
The Council reserves the right to cancel any booking should the premises be required as a Polling Station for European, Parliamentary or Local Government Elections. Any money paid will be refunded.


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